If you have any questions we show below a series of frequently asked questions in pixmosaic.com
1What is a Photo Mosaic?
A photo mosaic is a collection of images arranged in such a way that present a larger image. This large image consists of a two-dimensional array or matrix of smaller images.
2How many photos do I need?
200-300 images at least is recommended, the greater the number of small images or cell, the better the result of the final photomosaic. A photomosaic has a total of 1600-5000 cell images (depending on the final size) by which the cell images will have to be repeated to form the photomosaic. If your photo library is not enough we can add one of our large libraries collection of landscapes, flowers, the universe, to get a better result. The maximum number of images to send is 500, if you need to send more than 500 photos please contact us
3Will all sent photos be repeated or used?
Depending on the colors of the images it is not guaranteed that all images be used and this is because it is impossible to adapt those images where colors do not mach. Photomosaic uses an average of 1600-5000 images which are repeated on average 7-10 times each photo, this example is if the collection to be used is about 300-500 photos.
4How long it takes to make a photomosaic?
After the client sends us all the necessary material, design and printing time is 2 working days, shipping takes 2 to 5 days.
5What is the quality of Photo Mosaics and prints
We use Apple Computers and our special software for the development of photo mosaics. The final Photomosaics have a resolution between 50 to 80 megapixels. For prints we use high quality printing on photo paper, in larger prints we use wide format digital printing with maximum photographic resolution quality on heavy paper and other materials such as canvas or rigid materials.
6What is the main photo?
Is the photo that is selected to create the Photo Mosaic effectusing all cell images. It is recommended that you select a good photograph, portraits are the best, it hast to be clear and has good contrast between the background and foreground in the picture, which are preferably day shots and few people.
7I can see my photo design before printing?
Absolutely, we will send a digital sample in low resolution to approve your design, if you are not 100% satisfied we will redesign or modify it until you're completely satisfied with the result.
8What are the cell images?
The cell images are small photos that create the final photomosaic shaping the main photo, each cell is analyzed to adapt as well as possible to the main photo. The cell images can be in three different ratios: square, horizontal or vertical.
9Do you sell your software to create photo mosaics?
No. We use two applications, Photoshop® and our photo mosaic software, we are convinced that our program is one of the best on the market, in addition to the technical requirements which are specific, on the other hand to create a photomosaic the work is based on 80% which is part of the creativity of our team including correction, color calibration image and the other 20% is work of our software, but also to use the software you must understand the process of complex algorithms to select the most appropriate for each job.
10How do I upload photos to your website?
Once you've placed your order, log into your account and in the top menu on the button click on My Orders, there you can find the order you placed and a button to upload your photos. Follow the instructions given.
11What digital image formats are accepted?
We accept jpg, bmp, png and gif. Files must not be more than 5MB each. It is recommended that photos are 2-5 megapixeles and jpg format.
12How can I place an order?
To place an order you need to register and select the product you wish, then you need to send us your photos, we send you low resolution photo of your design and then you pay, we print and ship to your address.
13What kind of payments do you accept?
We only accept Paypal for payments which is the safest way to make online payments, PayPal accepts payments with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
14Do you accept orders from all over the world?
Yes, we accept orders and we ship all over the world, shipping cost varies according to each country
15Is it safe to make payments in your website?
Yes. We only use PAYPAL as payment gateway which is the safest and most reliable way to make payments online. Pixmosaic does no store or ask any bank account or credit card information.